oh my god. this show.

this was one of the first shows i watched as it came out, every thursday i would come home from school and watch it with my siblings, and we'd talk and talk about the lore and the tiny details. it sparked joy i hadnt felt since, lets be honest, my last hyperfixation

i absolutely loved this show; the characters, their personalities, the backgrounds, i could go on. every universe they visited had a different feel that was executed perfectly. i especially loved fionna's homeworld, how the backgrounds were so intricate and the colors matched the vibe. i looooved hunter's design, especially because of the fact that they were canonically nonbinary... im just so glad to be living in a time where i get to see things change and people being more open to all kinds of expressions. we're not there yet, but someday i know that lgbtq relationships and different gender expressions will be normal. you'll see one on a tv show and instead of being like "huh.." or "wow!! yay!!" it'll just be normal.

anyway...lets talk about what everyone wants to hear: the winter king. god i love that man, ever since i heard that brian david gilbert would be his va i knew he would be a fan favorite. i thought his kingdom could've been more lively, and despite everyone's opinions about the CANON SELFCEST...i think we couldve done without it. i'm loving the progression of woke ideas being in tv shows but we're not there yet...and not even considering that i dont understand the context of it. maybe he's just a whore? that for him... but anyway, his story was brilliant and i loved the candy queen, though i thought her outfit was a little bland. she was super funny though so that makes up for it

SIMON PETRIKOF... the saddest man to ever live. seriously though his story breaks my heart, especially when you consider that marceline is still alive to watch him lose his shit. i found it interesting that in fionna and cake they didnt have a reunion or anything, the only interaction we really get is a phone call where she and PB are obviously not sober (imo) and getting tatooed. im sure there was some sort of significance of this (i hope, because if it was just for humor i'd be kinda disappointed) and if not i hope we get some explanation in the next season. he and betty's story is also just so heartbreaking, the fact that as he ages with the crown he is subconsiously searching for betty by capturing princesses. at least i thought this was the case, until i saw that the candy queen had the same intentions. maybe she or the winter king had the same saddening fate? anyway, when i saw the last episode of adventure time i literally cried. those two poor souls

i know nobody wants to but can we talk about farmworld finn for a second!!! lord that man is fine. hot DAMN. but anyway his story is very sad too... it seems he made his life worth it by having four freaking kids, but with who? they never explicitly say but i hope its that universe's huntress wizard; some of the kids have her eyeshape (unless they all just look like that? i cant remember.) i loved the episodes of adveture time with prismo where the farmworld was created. i thought it was super cool (and evil) that if the lich hadn't existed, it would be finn who would unleash whatever was unleashed. death and sickness or something? also the fact that he also became the ice king... double kill right there.

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