hello everyone! i made it to freshman year!!!! its been so many months since the last blog post so i decided it would be a good time to update... as a fellow neocities user i know this may be hard to believe, but ive completely flipped my life around, from being a crazy disgusting online girl to an active and social person all in one summer. i used to spend my summers locked in my room the past few years, but this past summer i was out doing things at least every weekend, and made lots of time for being active; working out, at the gym and at home, going out with friends and family, taking walks and runs with my dog, keeping a nutritional diet, practicing yoga, and being generally just a better person. i know some people who know me irl will be reading this and get second-hand embarassment that i would even think about posting stuff like this online, but as someone who had to dig myself out of what i thought was going to be my life forever, i think it's so very important to practice good habits and at least try to branch out of what you're used to. like, life changing important. so, for anyone interested, im gonna be working on a webpage i'll feature on the very front page (yes, it won't be one of those hidden pages,) that'll be filled with tips and guides for things that helped me turn my life around for the best. it'll also be beneficial for me too, i think, to be thinking and researching new things that will help me too while im also supposedly helping others out. i'll post a link when it's up! thanks for reading :)