what up guys its ur girl abbey, im on a tour bus rn heading to washington dc!!! sweet yea. its an 8 hour drive so u can expect a lot of new shit from me on this dumb site, including but not limited to this section.
rn im listening to deep fried friendz by mf doom. idk why i felt the need to say that lol but yeah thats what im listening to.

lately ive been craving canned peaches... im sad that i didnt get to bring some :C if i find any at some store or something theyre immediately mine. my dad gave me $60 in souviner money, but that also counts for one of the fast food stops we take too. idk i hope i can save it all lol... my boyfriend spent at least $80 on me alone, so im also gonna spend most of my money on him too even though he already went. what's kinda disappointing is that we were gonna go at the same time, but my school was low on chaperones, so we had to delay it... i wouldve loved to go with him, it wouldve made things a lot better :c

hey another update! im on the way home! it was a very fun and safe trip, i learned so so much and im gonna create a whole new page about it so look out for that! i surprisingly have around $40 to spare, which i was not at all expecting. but what i was not aware of is that they were gonna give us around $15 for each meal so i got and spent a lot of money. but hey, isnt that what youre supposed to do on vactions? anyway, im on the 8 hour drive back while listening to loli in early 20s. dont ask.

in total, i bought 7 necklaces, 2 shirts, 1 hat, 3 keychanins, and a huge rose quartz chunk. however i unfortunately lost one of the necklaces... what sucks is that they were cute matching compass necklaces, i was gonna give one to my bf and keep one for me, but now that i only have 1 im just gonna give one to my bf. it was like, aw, we can always know where we are to eachother, just in spirit adn thought though because they were just steel necklaces lol. anyway, im gonna start working on the page where i just talk about my vacation, ill link it back here when im done c: