C/W - may mention topics not suitable for those under 14 (?) i tend to keep it pretty chill though


december 2023

hello! this is my first blog post with the new layout :D its the last day of the semester for me, b/c im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and need time to recover... for everyone else, their last day will be this thursday (today being monday)

anyway, since my last blog post, ive been mostly just doing school work, playing minecraft, and updating the index (home page) of this site. ive been learning faster/more efficient ways to code, but im still relatively new and am still just getting by through trial and error. the index is finally updated to match my new website theme, though!

over break, i plan to relax and just play minecraft for the first week or so, due to recovery. then, ill hopefully start drawing more and create some storyboards for animations. i havent practiced animation in a while, but once i start im sure it wont be too hard to catch back up if i stick with it.

christmas is coming up, too! im not religious, but my family still practices christmas for the gifts and family time. this year has been the first that ive had money to buy gifts with, so its been fun coming up with gift ideas for my family. so far, ive bought my mom a rug with an octopus on it, my dad a g. love and special sauce shirt, and my younger sister an official melanie martinez coloring book. my younger brother is the only one left of my immediate family, and i already have a few ideas for him.

november 2023

yesterday i went to one of my local metro parks with an old digital camera and took lots of pretty pictures :)

these past few weeks as ive felt burnout coming on ive been called to nature, especially because of the fact that its so quiet; not because it has to be, but just because it is.

in our modern lives there is always so much noise... in my life its the radio, the tv, my phone, the highways and trains, construction, my siblings, and being a highschool student i have to go to maybe the loudest place ever 5 days a week. while im at school i blast breakcore and jungle in my ears as to tune out the sound of a million teenage voices, however thats even MORE noise! i'd rather make myself deaf with the sound of music than listen to little voices scream. if you cant already tell, im unfortunately very sensitive to noise

i quietly walked along logs and saw lots of fat squirrels playing which made me very happy. i made an effort to keep very quiet as to not scare anything away.

october 2023

happy october, web travelers! its almost halloween! its also been a very long time since ive made a blog post or even worked on the website at all...

since my last post, ive broken up with the heavily mentioned boyfriend in my previous posts. i wont go too much into that, but since leaving him i feel like ive finally found myself, have made wonderful friendships, and have gotten gotten closer with my parents without him looming over my entire life :) ive also gotten into an art school where no one knows him! what a relief.

i didnt apply just for that, though; since starting high school i really finalized the fact that public school wasnt for me. ive always been pretty spunky, and going into highschool in the midwest without owning a single pair of uggs (instead i sported New Rock booties and DC snowboots,) i learned pretty fast that it would take a lot of outer change for me to fit in. a lot of change that i wasnt willing (and definitely didnt have the money) to make! instead, i chose to change my own surroundings to somewhere i knew i would flourish and be understood. i think i really did myself and my family a favor by fighting so hard to get into this school, as my mom has found friendships within the school as well, and my siblings are on their way to being accepted.

over the summer, when i found out id been accepted, i chose to start drawing every day to enhance my skills, as well as to have something to offer to the school (with it being an arts academy and all...) since then, ive kept to my pact and have collected many art supplies as well as almost 5 filled sketchbooks. i may be nothing close to proffesional (yet) but i have something that i love that i can count on being good at if i keep up with it. here are a few pieces (keep in mind ive only had a summers worth of practice):

april 2023

april 23rd
raccoon skull my friend and i found on our walk
may it rest in peace 。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。

may 2022

hello, it's thrusday, 4:07 pm. my family and i are at my grandma's today, i got home from school and was immediately put in the car and driven to my little sister's school to pick her up, then we went to grandma's.

i also have a D in social studies apparently which is what i should be working on however im in kind of a shitty mood and i thought maybe writing this would make me feel a bit better before i get started. i can never focus when im in a bad mood

update: it's 7:45, im back home watching south park. i feel a lot better now, i was looking at pics of my cat :3 here's one my mom took

his name is tyson and he is the baby.
another update: it's 9:26 pm, and i finished literally all 25 seasons of south park ive been binging that damn show for months, it was so sad... now im watching the boondocks tho and its so good so im not thst sad anymore. i finished a lot of social studies homework that im hoping will bring my grade up to at least a C, then I have another thing to do for homework tomorrow and we have a work day tomorrow so im pretty sure ill get it done in time.

now, last year, i would not have cared this much about my grades. both my parents believe in only natural consequences so i never got my phone taken or anything, i just learned how to take care of myself. it worked. sometimes you just gotta take the L, learn from it, move on and be better. that's today's thought